To all incoming students, congratulations on your entrance to Joshibi University of Art and Design.
Joshibi University of Art and Design gives you a warm welcome to your entrance.

It is very unfortunate that we canceled an entrance ceremony on account of the prevention of the Novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). I think that everyone planned and began to prepare your student life starting in April. Please wait for the day when you can start studying at the university while observing the three precautionary measures: do not gather in large numbers, ventilate a room, keep a social distance, and trying to wear a mask as much as possible.

Joshibi University of Art and Design will celebrate its 120th anniversary this October. 120 years ago, when women are not entitled to the same education as men, our university was established with three school mottos, "To empower the self-reliance of women through the arts", "To improve the social status of women", "To produce women teachers in the arts".
Joshibi University of Art and Design aimed to enrich everything around us and the environment where people live with the power of art and design, and it started with the conviction that women's meticulous perspectives, sensibilities, and creativity are essential for its achievement.

Learning at Joshibi University of Art and Design develops the ability to think and live by focusing not only on techniques and expressions for the creative activities of art and design but also on liberal arts education, which is the basis of rich ideas and awareness.
The process of creating and shaping things out of nothing is painful and also fun. The accumulation of knowledge and technology and the power to create will be a great source and will grow you into a person who can contribute to society.
Currently, with the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we faculty members and administrative staff are reviewing the environment of the classrooms and workshops, including the ventilation inside spaces, for providing you with an educational environment where you can concentrate on studying and creative activities. We are also preparing for online classes, so please pay attention to your health and wait for further announcements from the university until the classes start.

I am looking forward to the day we can start classes with everyone. I sincerely hope that every member of Joshibi University of Art and Design will participate in various collaborative activities beyond the boundaries of departments, concentrations, fields, and courses, and live a fruitful student life.

Fumiko Ogura