JOSHIBI AIRは女性アーティストを対象に、国内外で活躍するアーティストを本学へ招聘し、滞在制作の機会を提供し新たなクリエーションを支援するとともに、授業への参画やアーティストトークやワークショップなどの学生・教職員との交流の場をつくります。

JOSHIBI AIR invites internationally and domestically active artists to Joshibi University and provides them with opportunities to stay and work at Joshibi University to support their new creations, as well as to participate in classes and interact with students and faculty through artist talks and workshops. 


To Artists from Partner Institutions
For the 2024 program, we will be inviting applications for two artists to conduct research and production during the same period, and we would like to select one of the two artists from our partner institutions and networks including their graduates, and anothr from our own graduates. The applicant should be a contemporary artist who specializes in either textile (dyeing and weaving) or glass art and have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply in accordance with the application guidelines below.