<JOSHIBIアーティスト・イン・レジデンス オープン・スタジオ>
日時:2022 年12月12日(月) ~21日(水)11:00 〜 18:00
会場:YAハイツ1階スタジオ (東京都杉並区高円寺南1-4-2)

日時:2022年12月17日(土)14:00~15:30 ※申込不要
会場:YAハイツ1階スタジオ (東京都杉並区高円寺南1-4-2)

●本間 メイ
1985年日本、東京都生まれ。本学卒業生。現在、東京とバンドン(インドネシア)拠点。近年は見過ごされがちな女性に関する歴史に焦点をあて、映像や写真、インスタレーション作品を制作。今回のJOSHIBI AIRでは、女子美術学校創立時から学ばれている刺繍に着目し、明治後期〜昭和初期の刺繍や生糸にまつわる女性の仕事、また、絹製品や日本刺繍が海外輸出されていた歴史的背景について模索していく。
This year, Joshibi University of Art and Design has launched the pilot program of “JOSHIBI Artist-in-Residence."  As part of the program, we have invited two artists from Indonesia to stay, research and create works since October.
We will hold an open studio on the following schedule, exhibiting and presenting the artist's production and research activities.
In addition, the artist talk will be held on December 17th(Sat)
We are very much looking forward to your attendance.
<JOSHIBI Artist in Residence Open Studio>
Date: Monday, December 12, 2022 – Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Opening hours: 11:00-18:00
Venue: YA Heights 1st Floor Studio (1-4-2, Koenji Minami, Suginami, Tokyo)
■Artist Talk
Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022, 14:00-15:30

-Artist Information
Ms. Innes Soekanto 
Born 1968 in Jakarta-Indonesia. Her interest is in philosophy, history, human interaction, gender expression, and art in public spaces besides research and education for young artists to discover their self-knowledge to find their self-identities and personal expression in visual art and design. This time theme will talk about love and gender expression. 

Mei Homma
Born 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. Joshibi Graduate. Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia and Tokyo. Recently, she works on making essay films, photographs and installations to tell hidden stories of women. For JOSHIBI AIR, she focuses on embroidery, which has been studied since the Women’s Art School was founded, and explores women’s jobs related to embroidery and raw silk from the late Meiji to early Showa eras, as well as the historical background of the export of silk products and Japanese embroidery abroad.