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Education Principales and Objectives

Beauty in wisdom—Developing problem-solving skills through wide-ranging learning opportunities and deep reflection
Beauty in art—Turning dreams into reality through a theoretical and practical education in the arts
Beauty in the soul—Finding the time to express yourself and cultivating a sense of self in the world

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Joshibi High School of Art and Design are to promote a widely cultured education, primarily focused on nurturing an artistic sensibility and promoting human creativity and endeavor as the upholders of culture that encompasses a view of the world. The Joshibi High School of Art and Design strives to achieve these objectives within a sound educational environment that can only be provided by a university-affiliated institution, with seamlessly integrated education delivered in a measured manner.

Beauty in wisdom

We value the importance of the pursuit of knowledge as the intellectual basis for sensibility. This enables us to make autonomous decisions using the resourcefulness and reasoning required to live as individuals, while fostering enthusiasm for artistic endeavor and work tempered with calm level-headedness. This ability goes beyond the simple accumulation of knowledge, though; it includes a wealth of thinking, reasoning and empathizing that links to "beauty in the soul." These experiences are the foundation of creative endeavor and work.

Beauty in art

Beauty in art refers to the process of exploring various different means of self-expression and identifying a space for self-expression. The most important step is first of all to act. The experiences of training, discipline and expression may be testing, but they give you the strength to move. This gives rise to a strong desire and motivation to be the artist you want to be and to therefore enhance your practical skills. After that, you will begin to visualize a space in which you can truly be yourself. This process is what we refer to as "beauty in art."

Beauty in the soul

Reflect on yourself through the medium of art. In this way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from others, learn to respect others and develop the empathy necessary to provide support to others. The question of how to express what is in your heart is an endless challenge. Beauty in the soul refers to the spirit of specifically seeking that which you are thinking about without shirking away; of tackling any and every challenge that comes your way; and of recognizing others and empathizing with their many different outlooks on life.